Threads and Trajectories in “Asian” Communication

2023 · Volume No.: 20 Issue No.: 02


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Main Articles

The ritualistic death in (and of) the male friendship: Dismembering embodiments of inter-male homosocial relationships in Beastars De Guzman, Kevin Michael Sis, mamsh, kasodan: Belonging and solidarity on Facebook groups among Filipino women migrants in Japan Navalta, Razel Andrea D. The melodramatic children: The representation of children in Ratapan Anak Tiri [Lament of Step-Children] (1973), Ratapan Anak Tiri [Lament of Step-Children 2] (1980), and Arie Hanggara (1985) Wibawa, Satrya The digital fetishism challenge of Indonesian millennial journalists Mustaqim, Andika Hendra Hamad, Ibnu Suryadi, Karim Television Democratization and the Political Awareness of Voters in Indonesia ABDELRAHMAN, Ali WIDYASTUTI, Nurprapti Wahyu MULYANA, Deddy “Making” the contemporary and next-generation journalist, through data journalism: The need for emerging curriculum in journalism education in India - A primary proposal KUMAR, V. VIJAY SAHU, Anurag Dialogism, heteroglossia, and polyphony in Shyam Benegal’s teledrama series Amaravati ki Kathayen Dash, Amarendra Kumar Behera, Rashmi Ranjan Content Analysis of Frames Used in Op-Ed Coverage of Armed Conflicts between Pakistan and India Shahid, Noor-ul-Ain Ashfaq, Muhammad Zubair, Javaria Archive drive of the unprivileged against the privileged: Ten years and alternative archive Kim, Hojung

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Editorial Board

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